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Partisan gerrymandering struck down by federal judges in Wisconsin

The chances of a new Supreme Court challenge to partisan gerrymandering significantly increased Monday as federal judges in Wisconsin ruled the state’s Republican leaders had unconstitutionally drawn electoral districts to “entrench” their control over the state Assembly.

DOJ claims Texas voter ID law is discriminatory

AUSTIN – Election Day has come and gone but the court battle over Texas’ controversial voter-identification law rages on.

In documents filed in federal court late last week, the U.S. Justice Department argued that not only does the 2011 law violate the voting rights of minority Texans, but that the elected leaders who pushed the measure known as Senate Bill 14 through the Legislature intended to disenfranchise those voters.

We Can’t Talk About the Black Vote in the 2016 Election Without Discussing Voter Suppression

In the wake of the 2016 election, which culminated in Donald Trump being elected the 45th president of the United States, many liberals, Independents, and even Republicans firmly planted in the #NeverTrump camp sought to find answers explaining the outcome.

Did voter ID & voter suppression affect the 2016 election results?

Donald Trump pulled off his victory by slim margins in three rust-belt states. Did voter suppression and voter ID play any role in Trump’s electoral college victory?

There were voter suppression controversies in some of the states that determined the presidency, including Wisconsin, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Was the election rigged?

Fred Leidel was born in 1916, before women got the right to vote. At 99 years old, he biked to the polls in Madison, Wisconsin, on Election Day. He designed propeller blades for airplanes during World War II and was an engineering professor at the University of Wisconsin. Everyone knew him at his polling place, Schenk Elementary School, where he volunteers to read to kindergartners.

Voter suppression tactics "wildly successful" during 2016 election

Last week, the first election in 50 years without the full protection of the federal Voting Rights Act propelled Donald Trump to the White House.

Get the facts - Did disenfranchisement affect election outcomes?

Federal judge rejects Pa. GOP bid to change poll-watching rules

A federal judge has rejected a bid by the Pennsylvania Republican Party to legalize a call from presidential nominee Donald Trump for supporters to serve as itinerant Election Day poll watchers.

U.S. District Judge Gerald Pappert, a Republican and former state attorney general, took a dim view of his party's request to rewrite the state's 79-year-old Election Code just days before Tuesday's general election.

The Fraud, Intimidation, and Lies Spread in This Awful Election

Edgar Allen Poe may have died from voting. To this day, no one knows exactly what killed the horror writer, but one popular theory for his 1849 death in Baltimore was that he was the victim of "cooping"—in other words, he was kidnapped by a band of thuggish partisans on Election Day, kept in a state of drunkenness, and forced to change his clothes so he could vote over and over again.

Climate goals unable to be reached under TPP trade deal

TPP deal can get decided during the lame-duck session

TPP seen as a check on China by U.S. and allies

Pennsylvania man offers cash reward to poll watchers for catching fraud

WILKES-BARRE — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump thinks the election is rigged and is calling for supporters to register as poll watchers.

Opponents say the measure is an attempt to intimidate voters. But some people, including Robert Kuniegel of Spring Brook Twp., believe Mr. Trump is right. Mr. Kuniegel wants to organize people to conduct exit polls and is also offering $5,000 rewards for catching voter fraud.

Injunction sought against groups planning voter intimidation

Democratic party officials in four swing states have sought federal court injunctions against the Trump campaign and its affiliates, alleging they plan to intimidate minority voters on election day.

Early voting numbers point to possible nationwide suppression of black vote

Washington (CNN) A dip in African-American turnout has knocked Democratic early voting numbers off their 2012 pace in key battleground states like North Carolina.

The trend is also evident in early vote data from other swing states that could play key roles in deciding the election, including Florida and Georgia.

    More Latino voters, however, are among the more than 24.4 million American voters who have already cast their ballots -- including 12.4 million in battleground states -- according to a CNN analysis of the latest early voting numbers.

    Gun toting campaign supporter at polling place deemed "fine" by authorities in Virginia

    WASHINGTON ― A man wearing a Donald Trump shirt and carrying a weapon stood outside a voting location in Loudoun County, Virginia, on Friday. Authorities in the nation’s richest county are apparently OK with that.

    Arizona reporting voting irregularities days before the election

    PHOENIX, ARIZONA — On Arizona’s primary day this April, voters in Maricopa County waited five hours in the hot sun to cast a ballot, because the county slashed the number of polling places from 200 to 60.

    White nationalists plot Election Day show of force

    Neo-Nazi leader Andrew Anglin plans to muster thousands of poll watchers across all 50 states. His partners at the alt-right website “the Right Stuff” are touting plans to set up hidden cameras at polling places in Philadelphia and hand out liquor and marijuana in the city’s “ghetto” on Election Day to induce residents to stay home.

    Vote Counts and Polls: An Insidious Feedback Loop

    In a nation that counts its votes in secret, polls take on a special significance.

    Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century

    Is it futile to combat computerized vote-counting fraud, given the more general disenfranchisement of the American public? This and the emerging battlefield of corporate versus public interest is explored in this adapted excerpt from "CODE RED"by Jonathan D. Simon.

    The Truth About Voter Fraud

    Allegations of election-related fraud make for enticing press. Many Americans remember vivid stories of voting improprieties in Chicagoland, or the suspiciously sudden appearance of LBJ's alphabetized ballot box in Texas, or Governor Earl Long's quip: "When I die, I want to be buried in Louisiana, so I can stay active in politics." Voter fraud, in particular, has the feel of a bank heist caper: roundly condemned but technically fascinating, and sufficiently lurid to grab and hold headlines. Perhaps because these stories are dramatic, voter fraud makes a popular scapegoat.

    PDF icon The Truth About Voter Fraud.pdf

    Indiana state police used to suppress voter registration

    Patriot Majority USA, a progressive advocacy group, is accusing the Republican vice presidential nominee of suppressing voter registration in a new ad

    On the Stealing of US Elections

    The theft of elections is typically thought of as referring to corruption of the voting process. This is indeed a major issue, but it is only the culmination of a much broader set of restrictions on the power of citizens to choose their leaders.

    VIDEO - Progressives Agree with Trump: Election Process is Rigged - Victor Wallis

    Progressives Agree with Trump: Election Process is Rigged - Victor Wallis Interview: Socialism and Democracy Online

    CLICK HERE to watch the interview.


    Green Bay clerk attempted to suppress early voting for students

    Green Bay’s city clerk asked state officials if she could rebuff a request to put an early voting site on the UW-Green Bay campus because, in her words, “students lean more toward the democrats,” a newly released email shows.

    Voter registration central in Georgia voting rights battle

    A growing conflict over voting rights and ballot access is playing out in Georgia, where civil rights activists are trading accusations with Republican elected officials and where the stakes have risen considerably with the state’s new status as a closely watched battleground.

    Voter intimidation group releases new script for ‘Citizen Journalists’

    Vote Protectors, an anti-voter-fraud group loyal to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, released a new script Wednesday for its so-called “citizen journalists” to use when they approach voters at the polls. 

    Armed militant group planning to patrol polling stations on Election Day

    An armed militant group that has been involved in tense standoffs with the federal government is urging its members to turn out on Election Day to monitor polling places, a move the group’s leaders say is aimed at preventing voter fraud.

    Tell the Dept of Justice to protect voting rights against racist violence

    Voters across the country need your help! As we enter the final stretch of the presidential campaign it has been hard to avoid focusing on how this election has broken records by generating two of the most disliked presidential candidates in 10 election cycles. In a poll out last week we find that “Both candidates inspire mostly negative emotions, but American voters are particularly anxious about the Republican.”