No More Stolen Elections!

Unite for Voting Rights and Democratic Elections

CAP TIMES: WMC defends graphic depicting pay equity advocates as "anti-business"

Chevron engaged in massive election spending to subvert local democracy in Santa Barbara

STATE JOURNAL: WI Club For Growth's tax-exempt status challenged over political spending

PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE: Wisconsin Supreme Court mired in conflict of interest

Detroit's water crisis is a democracy crisis

Chevron engaged in massive election spending to subvert local democracy in Richmond, CA

Tribal activists plan community owned solar power plant

CAP TIMES: WMC, Gogebic Taconite used dark money to target anti-mining bill legislators

Medea Benjamin: Corporate media responsible for selling ISIS war

MANITOWOC HERALD TIMES REPORTER: Repeal of Equal Pay Act hurt women

STATE JOURNAL: WI Supreme Court majority to decide on investigation of groups that spent millions to elect them

The New War, the Forever War, and a World Beyond War

Week of action to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Nov. 8-14

Community organizing successfully ends militarized-policing convention's presence in Oakland

THE PROGRESSIVE: Business lobby fights equal pay for women

The Global Climate Strike: Why We Can't Wait

Live stream guide for the Climate Convergence Conference

Opening Plenary Fri 9/19 7pm

Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm

The Climate Crisis is a Water Crisis | 

Peter Cleary, Sharon Khan, Paul Gallay, Mbacke Secke, Hann Baykeeper, Pete Nichols 

Climate Convergence Workshops Featuring Liberty Tree Board and Staff

The upcoming Climate Convergence conference in NYC from September 19th-20th will feature over 100 incredible workshops, teach-ins, grassroots training, panels, artistic spaces, community empowerment sessions and more! 

In addition to organizing this historic event through its Global Climate Convergence Project, Liberty Tree staff, board members, and volunteers will be leading and participating in many of the conference sessions.  Some highlights include:

POLITIFACT: Walker's promise of 250,000 new jobs broken

ISTHMUS: WI tech leaders get little help from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

THE PROGRESSIVE: Chamber's attack on Walker prosecutor's wife falls apart

Join Liberty Tree at the We are Woman Rally!

On Saturday, September 13th the We are Woman coalition will be
rallying on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to call for:

EXPRESS MILWAUKEE: The buying of Walker's Wisconsin

ISTHMUS: Don't believe WMC claims about impact of coal regulations

CENTER FOR MEDIA AND DEMOCRACY: After subpoenas to big-money donors, WI GOP tried to quietly change law

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL: Federal court reinstates WI voter ID law for 2014 election

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL: WI Supreme Court bought and paid for by corporate special interests

WKOW: WMC head: Don't ban state subsidies to companies that outsource jobs

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL: Gogebic Taconite funneled big money into WI politics during mining fight