No More Stolen Elections!

Unite for Voting Rights and Democratic Elections

WE REMEMBER Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, Wisconsin 2011, and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act by the Supreme Court in 2014, and we are willing to act this year if the right to free and fair elections is denied again.

WE SUPPORT efforts to protect the right to vote leading up to Election Day, November 8th.

IF NECESSARY, WE PLEDGE to join nationwide pro-democracy protests starting on the next day, either in my community, in key states where fraud occurred, or in Washington, D.C., and if necessary, to demand a recount, investigation, and criminal prosecutions of those responsible.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN US: Sign the Pledge of Action

Initial signatories* . . . 

  • Noam Chomsky, professor, MIT

  • Thom Hartmann, author and journalist

  • Medea Benjamin, co-founder, CODE PINK

  • Jill Stein, presidential ticket, Green Party

  • Cheri Honkala, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

  • Rocky Anderson, presidential nominee, Justice Party

  • David Cobb, initiator, 2004 Ohio Recount

  • Ben Manski, founder, Liberty Tree Foundation

  • Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance

  • Laura Bonham, Justice Party USA

  • Tom Hayden, co-founder, Students for a Democratic Society

  • Nancy Price, co-chair, Alliance for Democracy

  • Jerome Scott, co-founder, U.S. Social Forum

  • Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, co-founder, Move to Amend

  • Bill Fletcher, co-founder, Rainbow Coalition

  • John Matthews, retired Exec. Director, Madison Teachers, Inc. (MTI)

  • Daniel Wayne Lee, Los Angeles based anti-corporate activist

  • Mimi Kennedy, actress

  • Lee Camp, comedian

  • Daniel Ellsberg, The Pentagon Papers

  • Karen Dolan, Cities for Progress

  • David Swanson, author, War is a Crime

  • John Cavanagh, Institute for Policy Studies

  • Jim & Rebecca Goodman, Family Farm Defenders

  • George Martin, former co-chair, United for Peace and Justice

  • Frances Fox Piven, professor, CUNY

* all affiliations for ID purposes only