No More Stolen Elections!

Unite for Voting Rights and Democratic Elections

The Democratic Turn of the Century: Learning from the U.S. Democracy Movement

UK students take to the streets to demand 'free education'

Remembering the Christmas Truce of 1914

Tom Hayden: Letter to Congress on Escalation in Iraq & Syria

IPS to host webinar on "U.S.-ISIS Crisis and Washington's New Wars" on 11/13/14

How emergency management in Michigan subverts democracy

The struggle for democracy in D.C. moves forward

Detroit's water crisis is a democracy crisis

Medea Benjamin: Corporate media responsible for selling ISIS war

Week of action to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Nov. 8-14

The New War, the Forever War, and a World Beyond War

Live stream guide for the Climate Convergence Conference

Opening Plenary Fri 9/19 7pm

Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm

The Climate Crisis is a Water Crisis | 

Peter Cleary, Sharon Khan, Paul Gallay, Mbacke Secke, Hann Baykeeper, Pete Nichols 

Climate Convergence Workshops Featuring Liberty Tree Board and Staff

The upcoming Climate Convergence conference in NYC from September 19th-20th will feature over 100 incredible workshops, teach-ins, grassroots training, panels, artistic spaces, community empowerment sessions and more! 

In addition to organizing this historic event through its Global Climate Convergence Project, Liberty Tree staff, board members, and volunteers will be leading and participating in many of the conference sessions.  Some highlights include:

Join Liberty Tree at the We are Woman Rally!

On Saturday, September 13th the We are Woman coalition will be
rallying on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to call for:

Community Democracy, and the Future of Broadband

UK's largest union calls for fracking ban and "democratic control of the energy industry"

Denmark town achieves true Energy Democracy

Center for Social Inclusion maps the movement for Energy Democracy

Participatory Budgeting in NYC: Governing at the Grassroots

Jackson, Miss. using worker-owned cooperatives to advance economic democracy

Participatory Budgeting continues to grow in NYC

Al Jazeera: Oxfam says world's rich threaten democracy