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Just over a year ago Liberty Tree began the Global Climate Convergence project to advance the movement for climate democracy, and what a year it's been!
Here are just a few of our many accomplishments over the past year:
  • Over 200 actions across 50 cities organized for our first ever Mother Earth Day to May Day week of action
  • 2000 attendees at our New York City Climate Convergence conference
  • A robust GCC contingent at the historic People's Climate March
  • delegation to Peru ahead of the U.N. climate meeting to build alliances with grassroots groups from around the world
  • A bi-weekly local organizers conference call to support local fronts of struggle
  • Building an incredibly diverse coalition that includes labor, environmental justice, anti-poverty, immigrant rights, and pro-democracy organizations
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We have big plans for the next year including Earth Day/May Day 2015, expanding our global reach, and a People's Climate Strike in December.  But we can only do it with your support.  This kind of vital, far-reaching movement building has never been more urgent — I hope you'll join us!
Timeka Drew
GCC Organizer
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