No More Stolen Elections!

Unite for Voting Rights and Democratic Elections

<blockquote>Ads and logos are our shared global culture and language, and people are insisting on the right to use that language, to reformulate it in the way that artists and writers always do with cultural material.</blockquote>
<cite>~ Naomi Klein</cite>

<blockquote>As the mainstream media has become increasingly dependent on advertising revenues for support, it has become an anti-democratic force in society.</blockquote>
<cite>~ Robert McChesney</cite>

"Who will tell the people?" Read here for news and ideas regarding the movement for media democracy in the United States.

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Hundreds of community groups and local residents from across the country urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week to strengthen local democracy, media diversity and public safety by supporting the nation's largest network of community-based media organizations -- Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access cable TV centers.

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