No More Stolen Elections!

Unite for Voting Rights and Democratic Elections

The voting rights movement is winning important victories across the country. Invaluable historical reforms, such as the Voting Rights Act, the 19th Amendment, and the 26th Amendment continue to ensure that many Americans are guaranteed the right to vote. Despite these protections, eligible voters continue to have their vote challenged or taken away. Our government needs to ensure that all elections have verifiable paper trails and that all polling locations are prepared for all eligible voters to cast ballots for the candidates of their choice.

Recalls and Recounts

The Wisconsin Wave and other key movement formations of the Wisconsin Uprising continued well beyond 2011, playing critical roles in efforts to safeguard from abuse the re-call elections of state legislators and of Governor Walker. The Wave played a key role in pushing back against efforts the Democratic National Committee to end the recall drive against Scott Walker, and later, in the summer of 2012, organized a mass volunteer hand recount and audit of critical counties and districts in the gubernatorial recall election.

Do workers deserve the right to vote?

Supreme Court upholds counting all residents, not just registered voters, for determining state Senate Districts

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Supreme Court refuses to stop Arizona Clean Elections law

RECLAIM DEMOCRACY: ACLU shifts stance on campaign spending, needs to go further

Since 2003, the organization Reclaim Democracy has pushed the ACLU to rethink its claim that money = speech regarding investments in political campaigns and its position equating corporate communications with free speech, beginning when the ACLU took Nike Corporation's side in the infamous "corporate right to lie" dispute (Nike v Kasky).