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The WPBA opposes the proposed Badger Partnership. Gov. Walker and WMC are encouraging UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin to move towards privatizing UW-Madison. 

Now, in an unfortunate move, The Wisconsin Business Council (WBC) has endorsed the Badger Partnership.

This will mean that Walker will appoint the majority of the university board. We believe the board of UW-Madison should not be partisan or used to reward large political donors - for either major political party.

The Badger Partnership will very likely lead to increasing higher tuition, more corporatized research and less research in the public interest, less affordably and accessibility of the University for Wisconsin citizens, more of a need to take out loans for students at all levels.  The Wisconsin Idea, a centerpiece of UW-Madison, is dedicated to serving the people of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin businesses depend on the UW system of universities to provide highly trained employees, cutting edge research, and to create a high standard of living for the state's employees, faculty, farmers, and students. 

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