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At 2 PM next Wednesday, November 2, 2011, a resolution is coming before the Intergovernmental Relations Committee of the Los Angeles City Council. The resolution was introduced by City Council President Garcetti and Bill Rosendahl and calls for overturning the Citizen's United decision and revoking Corporate first amendment rights.    

Move To Amend LA would like to see the City Council pass a stronger resolution which calls for an end to all corporate constitutional rights and also clearly establishes that money is not the same as free speech, and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech.    
We've been in touch with the office of CP Richard Alarcon who is heading the Intergovernmental Committee who has urged us to get as many  supporters as we can to come to this meeting and speak in favor of a stronger resolution.
So here's our ask: Please attend this meeting and help us advocate for a stronger resolution!
If we could pass a version of the stronger resolution, we would be the first major city to do so. This would be widely publicized and make a real impact on our effort to overturn all corporate constitutional rights.  
The resolution will be in Intergovernmental Relations Committee next Wednesday, November 2nd at 2:00 PM.
The Committee is held in room 1060 of Los Angeles City Hall.   
We will be meeting as a group at 1:30 PM outside the office to discuss strategy. The meeting will start right on time so please don't be late!  
We can arrange parking  -- with the name, car make, model & license number.
We'd need that by 3 PM on Tuesday, November 1st for anyone who wants parking arranged at the City Hall East garage. Please email us at to arrange parking and/or RSVP.  
Our goal is to have at least 50 people.
Thanks so much!
Mary Beth Fielder 
Los Angeles Move To Amend 


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