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Unite for Voting Rights and Democratic Elections

BRADBLOG: Voter films touch-screen voting machine that flips the vote from Obama to Romney

RAW STORY: Robo-calls to Arizona Democrats tell voters the wrong polling place

FREE PRESS: Ohio's voting machines have "experimental patch" installed week before election

MOTHER JONES: Texas and Iowa threaten to arrest foreign election observers here to assess the integrity of American elections

PROPUBLICA: How super PACS came to have so much influence in our elections

Democracy Now discusses how the Obama and Romney campaigns control debate questions and exclude third party candidates; Chilean

Democracy Now interviews author George Farah and Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald about how the Commission on Presidential Debates restricts the ability of the presidential debates to be fair and open. The broadcast ends with an interview with two of the leaders in the Chilean student movement, which recieved an award for organizing Chile's largest protests for free higher education. (skip past headlines to get to interviews):


NYT: Voting machine industry plays large role in the Election Assistance Commission

LA TIMES: Arizona's voter ID law will go to the Supreme Court

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Voting technologies require many changes before they can be reliable for voters

AMERICAN PROSPECT: Third party presidential candidates locked out of debates

NATION: Voting Rights Act protects South Carolina and Mississippi citizens that voter ID laws would disenfranchise

COLORLINES: Nevada Disenfranchises Its Poor Citizens

NATION: Ohio's Secretary of State Subverts Voting Rights

ALTERNET: Quebec students vow to keep fighting after historic victory

WSJ: Many states still do not require a paper trail for touch screen machines

Boston college students fight for tuition freezes across the city

Yo Soy 132' Mexican student movement looks to the future

Student Power Convergence Happening August 10-14!

The Liberty Tree Foundation is very pleased to endorse and urge participation in a very important national student power convergence just two weeks from now in Ohio.
Please pass this information on to other students and to supportive faculty and staff who might consider attending.

USA TODAY: Electronic voting is the real threat to elections

LA TIMES: Students protest tuition hikes at regents meeting

BRAD BLOG: Columbia County, NY uses system of hand-counted paper ballots to verify their votes

HIGHTOWER: The Truth About the U.S. Postal Service

The 0.000063% Election -- How the Politics of the Super Rich Became American Politics

Republicans Extend Open Enrollment To Unleash Market Forces On School Districts