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Virginia voter suppression tweets went undetected by Twitter for hours

A Twitter account misleading Democratic voters in Virginia by telling them they could cast their ballot by text message was active for almost three hours on Tuesday morning before Twitter suspended the account.

The account, "MAGA Mike King," was suspended after it tweeted more than a dozen times a graphic purportedly instructing Virginians on how to vote by text and including the logos of the Democratic Party and its gubernatorial candidate, Ralph Northam.

US: Groups warn voter suppression only getting worse

One year after the 2016 presidential election, rights groups say voter suppression laws have only gotten worse in the United States.

Voters in a dozen cities and states went to the polls on Tuesday to vote on everything from city mayor to state governor.

But rights groups warned that many faced requirements to prove their identity that did not exist a year ago.

Rigged - How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump

You can’t say Andrea Anthony didn’t try. A 37-year-old African American woman with an infectious smile, Anthony had voted in every major election since she was 18. On November 8, 2016, she went to the Clinton Rose Senior Center, her polling site on the predominantly black north side of Milwaukee, to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton. “Voting is important to me because I know I have a little, teeny, tiny voice, but that is a way for it to be heard,” she said. “Even though it’s one vote, I feel it needs to count.”

A history of election interference by the U.S. in foreign countries

...the U.S. has a long and stunning history of attempting to influence foreign presidential elections, recent research by political scientist Dov Levin shows.

Climate goals unable to be reached under TPP trade deal

TPP deal can get decided during the lame-duck session

TPP seen as a check on China by U.S. and allies

Who will protect our rights?

You can help: The struggle of 2011 continues

Millions of people will be barred from voting in November

Court protects voters in 3 states by blocking proof-of-citizenship requirement

Trump's 'rigged election' rhetoric could inspire voter intimidation, say experts

Voting Rights Victory as Supreme Court Refuses Stay for NC Restrictions

FBI urges increase in computer security after revealing election databases were hacked in two states

U.S. Seeks to Protect Voting System From Cyberattacks

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Native Americans across the country sue in attempt to protect voting rights in 2016

U.S. peace activists refuse to pay taxes in protest of military spending

Anti-drone activists arrested at Creech Air Force Base protest

Truthout: What Comes After Capitalism? Upcoming Teach-Ins Can Show a Way Forward

Voter suppression comes in a variety of forms throughout the country, disenfranchising many

Supreme Court upholds counting all residents, not just registered voters, for determining state Senate Districts

Over 100,000 flood streets of France in pro-democracy “Up All Night” protests

Thousands of workers join united strike effort, reflecting labor movement power

Verizon strike is one of many massive actions powered by thousands of workers this decade

Madison students using restorative justice to build community, address school to prison pipeline

University presidents admit student activists are effective in forcing schools to address racial disparities in new study

Group of kids sue Obama, federal agencies for supporting the destructive fossil fuel industry